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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Branding Shoot

So you’re planning a branding shoot, but aren’t really sure where to start. Here are three tips to making the most of your next photoshoot!

Plan with your promotional calendar in mind.

What are your content themes for the quarter? What products will you be promoting? Use these questions to guide your shot list and communicate with your photographer which shots are most important.

Dress on brand.

Do you have to be matchy-matchy to your brand concept? No, but you should consider the overall vibe of your photos and how it reflects your brand. Is your brand bold and vibrant? Then don’t stay away from color in your outfits. Think about the words that come up for you when you envision your brand and structure your outfit choices around that.

Gather your props.

Brand photoshoots and headshots are not one in the same. Headshots focus on portraits whereas brand photoshoots capture a full picture of your business. Use props that are mainstays in your business. Consider your content themes and how you can pull in elements of those for even more compelling content. Get creative and have fun with the props you include!

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